bird on a cage

photo 1 sans fond .png


Design and build everyday objects meant to be sold in an auction. 


Working with my hands / Getting to know the craft (metal and stuffing).


The mission of the auction was to promote the creativity and the skills of the final year students in the Product Design degree. By doing so, they also get the opportunity to raise fund to finance their final exposition that took place in spring 2018.


The products presented during that event had to shine by their formal composition, their quality in the way it was manufactured and its ingenuity. Bird on a cage was inspired by architect Frank Gehry and his sketches. It’s all in the lines! I designed and built this chair myself. It is made out of bent metal rod welded together. The stuffing was made with the help of François Richard, a colleague of mine, using a velvet fabric. This composition confirms my love and respect for the world of furniture.