give or take



Creating a product while learning how to use its central component.

My role

Back and forth from the code to the product (making sure everything worked).  


Getting to know Arduino programming language / Fast electronic prototyping.


François Richard, José Manuel Ramon, Giulia Ehemba, Jean-Michael Fleurant and Alexandre Frugoni.


Arduino is an open-source electronics platform intended for anyone making interactive projects. The platform receives inputs from many sensors and it follows the code's instructions written by the user. We were asked to develop a product using an Arduino while also learning how to use it. We decided have some fun in the process!


Give or Take is basically a drinking game. When you push the big red button, the machine pours a one once shot, choosing randomly between four different liquors. When the shot is ready, one of the two lights will flash. Green: you give the shot to one of your friends. Red: you have to drink it. The hard part was to find out how to translate those actions into a code and making sure it worked. It was a good learning exercise because we had to work both on the Arduino board with all its components (valve, sensor, lights, etc.) and the code simultaneously.