la banquise


Create a product ensemble with a built-in light. Those items of furniture have to enhance the experience of the users at Baie de Beauport (beach) both day and night.

My role

Finding the ideas / Leading for creativity / User experience / Pitch presentation


Mention for Most creative project / Developing a sense of priority for UX.


François Richard, Étienne Tremblay, Élise Bernard and Jean-Michael Fleurant.


La Banquise is an interactive outdoor furniture ensemble, acting both day and night, allowing users to live a unique experience thanks to their imagination and creativity.


During the day, the users are invited to draw on the transparent surfaces, playing with the perspective and the environment to create a unique view. When it is getting dark outside, they can enjoy their time by drawing on the black LED walls. With the help of sponges or their fingers, the light will turn on by the contact of water on the surface creating glowing shapes and drawings. La Banquise becomes an point of interest where the participant is invited to leave his trace through hand-drawn and luminous works. Working hand in hand with its environment, this product offers a unique experience where the user plays both the role of spectator and actor.  

la banquise anglais-01.png
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