Creating a manufacturing process, from the raw material to its final form.

My role

Creation of a new material and what we can do with it / Ideation for the machine / Video editing.


Research process to find and work with a new material.


Jimmy Riopel-Thibault, Gabrielle Roberge, Charlie Harvey, Alexandra Rousseau and Benoit Arsenault-Tardif.


Our main goal was to find a material that would be as original as it is interesting to work with. The one we chose had some appealing characteristics to us. Its flexibility and the way it could adapt to any form convinced us.


Phantom is the result of a production line that converts polystyrene into a lamp. We can see the whole manufacturing process through the three stations machine that we built. Our inspiration came from the Nordicity and especially the Kindergarten. We can see that the lamp fits in an environment that is as experimental as our material. The uniqueness of each Phantom lamp produced is a representation of a classroom, where every kid shine by their differences.

presentation phantom anglais _Page_2.png
presentation phantom anglais _Page_3.png